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Michael, I don't currently have it on display, but I do display it occasionally. I have limited room so I tend to rotate pieces for display. My wife doesn't mind me having one room dedicated to autographs so I don't push my luck with overflow lol.

I'm not adverse to displaying "old" pieces. I bought them for myself, not to preserve for someone I don't know 200 years from now. I do have blackout curtains in the room though to keep out the sunlight.

Heck, I currently have on display a signed document from 1492 signed by Ferdinand and Isabella slabbed up, and it works itself through the rotation just like the rest of my stuff and none of them look worse for wear.

I'll try to run by my bank safe deposit box within a week and get the Hancock out and take some pics for you to show you what it looks like in a slab.

Yep, I remembered you defending my piece in that old thread from 2015, thank you, that's why I posted in yours.

It was pointless for me to try to defend mine back then as individuals already had their mind made up, and I didn't feel compelled to respond as I really didn't have the time to play on the boards much between law school at night and work during the day. Arguing with people was not the way I wanted to spend my few minutes I had to browse and look so I just let it be.

Enjoy your piece, I'll post some pics within a week provided I have the chance to run by there. I have a slew of cases on the court docket for March 18 so I MIGHT not get a chance to run by until after that, but I will try

Mike Navarro
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