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Just absolutely sickening. It's bad enough to be a kitchen forger scribbling on your cheap base cards and committing fraud, it's somehow an even lower layer of absolute scum to have this type of "production" process in place. Local authorities should be involved, and if pressed eBay could pop these guys in two seconds. It's simple...follow the money trail.

I am so sick of eBay allowing and enabling absolute FRAUD/SCAMS to the highest degree. I understand they cannot authenticate every item in the world, but there absolutely should be a knowledgeable department handling the reports on questionable items IMHO.

The side of this people forget about, is owners of REAL 95 UD Jeter autos have had their investment DEVALUED over and over every time one of these sells in the flooded market these crooks artificially's infuriating and why true collectors have to rally together and spread the knowledge on this kind of stuff. Thank you Christopher for all you do for our hobby.
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