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Originally Posted by Georj View Post
I was just wondering, is the 1962 Jell-o Clemente baseball card rare or scarce? I see only 4 on ebay, 2 of which are over $300 and only one in the sold category. Does anyone have any insight into the scarcity of this card?
1962 jell-o is more rare than the 1963:
- 1962 has a Clemente PSA population of 19, and the entire set has only 252 PSA-graded
- 1963 seems less scarce, with 93 Clemente's and 2007 total PSA-graded

Others may have insight into distribution and packaging and volume from the time - I'm just going off the pop report. That said, I own a few 1963's (including Clemente) but not any 1962's
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