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Originally Posted by rugbymarine View Post
Great looking cards, Dan!
Thanks Ian! I saw you got your Furillo set approved, congrats!

Mark, for signed and/or graded cards, I now have 19 for this project. There are 33 or 34 on my checklist, so still a ways to go. There are 4 or so guys that are reliable TTM that I don't have high grade cards for yet. I don't have the list in front of me, but I know one is Danny Cater. Other than that, I'll Continue to buy PSA 9's I need when they're fairly priced and keep my eyes out for private signings. Since I joined SCN I've been able to send to signings for Cooper, aparicio, Bill Lee, Yaz and Cepeda, so hopefully more in the future. It would be awesome to get Evans on his card. My 2nd favorite player's first solo card, in the highest grade possible.... signed. I would treasure that one.
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