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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
A copy of a lease to buy a plot of land. A legal document. And a terribly boring one at that.

I have no interest in owning a lease to a plot of land. It might have some historical significant. But I don't see why it would be of great interest to collectors, despite it's historical significance (or not).

1000s of collectors looked at it and one person placed one bid on it. I guess that makes my point.
No. The starting bid was very high. Just because there was one person willing to pay $2,400 for it doesn't mean there was little interest.

I won the Players League by-laws. Perhaps you see it as being a boring legal document with little collectible appeal. I see a document that was written in large part by John Montgomery Ward and debated and ratified by a group of players that included Hanlon and Keefe and Pfeffer. I see a document that stated the rules of play for a league that was incredibly far ahead of its time. That was the first in a series of challenges to the owners oligopoly which eventually would culminate in free agency and would forever change the sport.
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