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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
These are historical docs. If you bought one enjoy it. When I said the Forbes article was excessive I meant the valuations hinted at in the article. And maybe I am wrong on that. Obviously they had minimal interest to me and many others as collectibles to add to our collections. I'm guessing the consignor thought he was sitting on a payday of a lot more than $150,000 for the whole lot based on the hype this latest and greatest find generated.
There were also three other Tim Keefe autographs and a JM Ward autograph that was not part of this auction group. So either there is more coming or those four items were sold privately. If those pieces were sold privately, it brings the find over $200,000 most likely. If there is another group yet to hit the auction block, who knows what the total will be.

In any event, it was an historically important find.
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