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I see Cobbs and other HOF's in there. High end T206 cards like these are in a bubble right now so you don't need to do much to get top dollar for them. The grading fees will pay for themselves in the added price premium. You may get a few surprises if a couple of cards come back in high grade. Worth it.

Avoid eBay fees (10% sales fee + 3% for PayPal payment) and go straight to the B/S/T section and ask for friends/family payment by PayPal (especially if slabbed/graded). If you don't get friends/family payment (no fee) you'll at least avoid the 10% ebay fee.

If you want to sell these yourself get a scanner (a $60 Epson from Amazon will do just fine), and a free subscription to CardTarget. That way you'll feel better about the prices you're getting and won't get that odd feeling that you got ripped off. This is important since the cards have some sentimental value and seller's remorse can ruin the experience.
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