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Step one: Get some larger photos/scans working, so people here can examine what you have and offer recommendations. Plus, very importantly, they'll be able to make sure everything is authentic.

You could probably (easily) sell a lot of stuff here to members through the Buy/Sell/Trade section. Good luck!
I apologize for the garbage photos I will be getting a scanner to have even if I don't sell them myself.

If you want to sell them all your best bet is to consign them to one of the auction houses. You will not have to pay a commission if anything you might be able to negotiate a little off of their buyers premium and they will take care of the grading and all necessary arrangements
I don't know much about auction houses. Does the forum have any suggested ones? What is the procedure?

I am very sorry to hear about your father, my condolences. Maybe keep 1-2 of your favorites for the memories instead of selling the whole collection?

I wouldn't rush to accept the first offer, it looks like you have a pretty nice collection there so you ought to find significant interest. I see a few ways to go for selling them, all depending on the amount of work you want to do.

1) Get them graded and then list them on eBay (or on the Net54 BST) at the prices you want and wait for them to sell (I wouldn't auction them by yourself).

2) Send them to an auction house - there are many that will do a good job for you. They will also take care of getting them graded for you and may even pay you a visit in person if you will consign the whole collection.

3) Sell them to a dealer. There are a few who may travel to you for a collection of this quality and size. Don't just walk into the nearest card shop and accept that offer though.

#1 will be the most work but has price certainty and perhaps the highest net to you. #2 and #3 will be about the same amount of work. The dealer will give you a guaranteed return while the auction house has a chance to hit a few home runs (and conversely, have a few strike outs).

I am sure the thread will have ample suggestions for dealers and auction houses, and some will certainly send you messages through Net54.

No matter what you pick, good luck! And again, sorry for your loss.

Thank you for the condolences, as with most passings it was horrible. He was a good man and taught me a lot. I strive to be like him one day and hope to have a son or daughter and raise them like he wouldve wanted me to. I kept a few of mine and my fathers favorite players that I won't be selling.

- I don't know much about the PSA system, but it seems like from what I've read around here, it takes a very long time? Their website is a little confusing and I don't know what the true costs are. Can I ship them as a package or individual? Im just very confused on where to even start...

- Interested in the auction house idea, again I have no clue what the procedures are or anything....

- Does the forum have recommendation on reputable dealers?

Thank you to everyone replying. I appreciate any help. Youre all amazing... The process is a little bit overwhelming, but I will put in the work to do it correctly.
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