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Edited to add that some guys are duplicated because it took me a long time to get this post together while taking care of the baby.

Leaving out early career cup if coffee type seasons.

Cecil Fielder - 4 years of half seasons poor to ordinary batting average and 14 Hr his best year. One year in Japan? Comes back to hit 51 hr .277 Sliding but reasonably productive through 96

Dave Kingman - good but not amazing for 4 years in SF goes to the Mets and goes from a sub 30 Hr hitter (Although barely under one year) to 36 and 37hr
production like a yo-yo the rest of his career.

Darrell Evans - 1971-82 with typically 20 or fewer HR. one outlier season with 41 in 73 and a good but not great year with 25 in 74. Then 30 in 83, 40 in 85, and 34 in 87.

Frank Howard - 1960 -66 Mostly teens or low 20's in HR 31 in 62 and 28 in 63
(62 expansion year if you buy that stuff) Then 67-70 36,44,48,44 HR

Jack Clark - 77-86 Good but not great and inconsistent. usually 20+HR but no more than 27 and only 3 years in the upper 20's. Then 35 in 87, a crazy year for HR anyway, but upper 20's for the next 4 years

Ted Kluszewski- 48-52 only one year over 20HR and that only 25. 53-56 40,49,47,35 HR.

yes, most good hitters are good right away. But taking a few years to get going while unusual isn't unheard of.

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