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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
And apparently he's trying to control Net54 the same way he does GUU.
It's been a while since I've been on that site but out of curiosity I took a look today. That site has gone absolute bottom barrel from what it was pre 2013 or even 6 months ago. It use to have "todays post" fill almost the whole page and it currently only has 6 current posts with the day almost over-Pathetic. The days of Kingjammy is nothing but GUU nostalgia now. In those days there was some real interesting reads and informative stuff that could help new collectors and old. There were wide ranging topics of all the 4 major sports including minor sports. There were many old time collectors from the SCD era that shared they're knowledge with the GU community. Truly golden era of days gone by. Today its become the turdish era of free advertisement hidden in the mask of an open forum. Since the day Chrissie shook that hand the site has turned into government controlled censored site. It slowly evolved from what it was to now in its present state with censorship, deletions, redactions, threats of banishment, banishment, force fed advertisement masked as posts, plants, silly rules that are meant to protect the one but not the whole (but yet one member has the right to critique AHs) and the mass exodus of old timer members whether by force or by disgust. A big thunderous hand for Chrisie
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