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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
The 1985 Brown’s offering consists of 35 cards with an unnumbered checklist card. There are several champions and contenders of the era including Marvin Johnson, Buddy McGirt, Freddy Pendleton, Mustapha Hamsho, Wilfred Scypion and others, but the only active HOFers in the set so far are Matthew Saad Muhammad and cut man Ralph Citro; as far as I know it is Citro’s first and only card.

Too bad it isn't an '86; that has Evander Holyfield's RC.
The '86 is a nice little set. Also has Pernell Whitaker's RC which is kind of an under-rated card IMO.

..........and really, really under the radar, I assume the Orlando Canizales card is also a RC of an almost forgotten HOF'er from early in his career.
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