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Originally Posted by ggary View Post
Here are some of my Dodgers bobbleheads.

The minis have so many variations of head styles that I'll be able to add to my collection slowly over time. For example, they come with hair parted to left, hair parted to right, moon face, smiling with a closed mouth or showing teeth. They also have them holding a short bat, long bat or a glove and ball.

I also posted pictures of a variety of the square base Dodgers and some other miscellaneous ones as well.

I regret not buying one of the weirdo nodders that Bob was selling (I think about a year ago).
As much as I hate the D**gers, those are some great nodders! The Giants minis come in the same variations. You forgot to mention “eyes left” or “eyes right.” The Giants have that variation in the normal size but I haven’t seen it in the minis. Some Giants minis also don’t have painted sleeves.

The guy between the orange wood base and the Buddy Flex...what’s he made out of?

Did you see the screwball Dodger on eBay, a few weeks back?
if you can help with SF Giants items (no cards), let me send you my wantlist!
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