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My opinion is that the writers have shown over the years that they donít have much of a clue about what they are doing. Whitaker and Trammell had almost identical career numbers and both played at a position where their numbers rank him among other hof members. Whitaker was off the ballot in a year. Trammell stayed on the ballot and gained support over the years and was finally put in by the vets. Just because the voters didnít vote for a player doesnít mean that they donít deserve it.

Originally Posted by familytoad View Post
Albertís HOF voting record is dismal.
Writers and committees have had 18 years to vote him in, but they donít appear to believe he is a HOFer either.
If you peak @ 7.7% then drop off the ballot after two tries, you donít have much support for the folks best able to put you in.

Iím not saying he wasnít a good hitter. His numbers are good. But there are a lot of hitters with good numbers.
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