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How many people can (could) search and find your full name the way you have it masked now? I think you would have been safe even back then. The reason the name rule is the way it is, is because there are legit reasons for being anonymous. Otherwise, it wouldn't be allowed and all real names would be mandatory. It would be easier to manage that way, that is for sure.

Originally Posted by Paul S View Post
Here's one "notion" that may not have occurred to many. First off, I have been a board member since the days of the old software platform. The only reason my join date is 2011 is that I took about 18 months off during the changeover, and so some of my data, post count, etc., did not carry over.

During almost all of this period, my son was being victimized through most of his school years. If it wasn't verbal abuse, it was, for example, tossing his new gym sneakers into a toilet bowl full of feces. These were not rare occurrences - it was incessant. AND, these sort of things carried over to social media. (it was all heartbreaking, to say the least, and still is today). So, I kept my full name off my posts, as it would have been easy pickins for the cretins to look me up and phuck with my son even more.

I am happy to report that this all ended when he entered college. Hence I am a bit overdue in finally using my full name. (Anyway, at least 100 members have known my name through the BST, private deals or just plain community friendship). Hence, I gotta lotta opinions stored up after all this time so all youse (sic) better watch out!

And so, I have to believe there are many anons here that have legit reasons, if not exactly my own, to be so on a baseball card forum
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