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I buy most things for my collection (postwar) online, so if at all possible I buy PSA or SGC graded just for reassurance on what I am buying if I cannot hold the card in my hands and inspect it first. Once in my posession, whether or not it stays in the slab becomes of less importance, especially if it's something I have no plans to sell. If the card arrives and it is fine and looks good in the slab, I leave it. If the card bounces around in the slab to any great degree (late 60's and early 70's Topps cards seem to have a penchant for this...) I will usually bust it out. I will also bust out if the slab is damaged or cracked in any way, or if (this happens all the time with BVG) there is something foreign like dust or debris inside the slab which makes it appear as if there is wear on the card which is not actually there.
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