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Default A Tale of Two Scans...does this justify a return?

I know scans can be tricky sometimes, but this is incredibly frustrating. I won this '53 Bowman Mantle from Goodwin last week. The Goodwin scan is on the left. The color and contrast are beautiful, definitely a card that should command a premium. I paid healthily above VCP for it; in fact, it's the most I've ever paid for a card before. The card arrives yesterday. The scan on the right is a factory-setting scan on my Epson V550, which very accurately shows what the card looks like. The vibrancy is gone. Colors are flat, card looks washed-out. Still not a bad card, but not one that deserved the bid I made, and not one that will make me happy whenever I look at it. There's no way the card on the right becomes the card on the left without some heavy-handed tinkering with the contrast & color of the scan.

At what point does this justify a return? I've debated returning a few cards over the years due to misleading scans, but always decided I liked the card enough to keep it. This time, I may have reached my limit. What do you guys think - would I be justified in asking for a return?

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