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Originally Posted by chaddurbin View Post
it's nice to see some hockey cards. it's a dying sport in the states but at least the fanbase is loyal. i'm not sure if translates to collecting tho. i've been a fan since the early 90's so that's the only reason why i collect.
Hockey was my favorite sport in the '90's. The Wings are my team, and their rivalry with the Avs was awesome. Bettman killed hockey for me in '04. I tried to watch after that, but it wasn't the same. When ESPN didn't renew their contract, hockey was dead to me. The only time I see hockey on tv is on Versus, and I'd rather hear my parents having sex than listen to Pierre McGuire.

I still collect hockey. Mainly prewar type cards, HOF rookies, and '79's. but I won't touch modern stuff. I don't even know any of the players anymore

What do you collect?
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