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Originally Posted by TheNightmanCometh View Post
Good to know!

Also, do you have your '64 collection up to view? I'd love to see the whole thing. I don't know if you perused the '64 Topps Giants thread I started, but I LOVE the '64 set, and the VZs even more. There's something about the combination of the design, with the crudeness of the VZs that gives it a really nice patina. If I branch out of my Braves collection, I'm collecting the '64s.

Not to be too intrusive, and you don't have to answer this, but how much have you spent on collecting the '64 VZ set?
Thanks for the replies. The graded portion of my 64 Venz set is available to view at the link iíll post below. This doesnít show the Mays/Cepeda or 2 team cards which are all going to be graded.

Regarding what Iíve spent on my 55-60 1964 Venies, Iím not quite sure. My registry says Iíve spent about $700 on the cards. However since a portion of them were obtained raw, some grading fees would need to be added to that total.
Actively collecting Carl Yastrzemski !
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