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Default Thanks guys

Wow, this info is telling in what it doesn't tell us about the 1916 Mendelsohn cards. Almost no info prior to 1960 on any of the sets.

It seems that prior to 1960, there was a single reference to Standard Biscuit back in 1939. That’s it for bakery-issued Mendelsohn cards. There was only one reference to a single “M” set for these cards, in the 1953 edition, called M5 with no issue date info but a reference to 200 cards. Finally, there were no “H” type sets for Mendelsohn cards and no others either prior to the 1960 ACC.

The Carter article I referenced earlier from 1958 made mention of Weil and Morehouse Baking, as well as the Globe Clothing set, so it appears those were known to Carter and Orem by that time, but still, 13 advertisers seem to have been completely unknown even after the 1960 ACC.

Maybe the 1946 edition has something but I am not very hopeful.
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