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Thanks again David. The handwritten additions to your copy seem to mirror many of those found in the 1953 eidtion of the ACC. I wonder who copied whom?--Did Corson supply info that Burdick then included in the updated ACC or did Corson just borrow a 1953 editio and hand-copy the changes into his older book? Anyway, you were kind enough to reference a 1940 supplement to the USCC, and I am wondering if there are other known annual supplements of any kind that we could track down and consult. It seems there was a flurry of discoveries of the Mendelsohn sets between the 1953 and 1960 versions of the ACC, and it would be nice to know how those collectors or the hobby overall shared its information during that time.

The ACC entries as to Mendelsohn's sets remain ambiguous if not mysterious to me. The 1946 and 1953 editions first identified "M5" as a Sporting News set, singular. We now know that The Sporting News was not affiliated with m101-5, as it was not advertised for sale in that paper nor did the card backs bear its advertising. So Burdick would have no reason to associate TSN with m101-5, right? Thus I would assume Burdick was referencing m101-4, yet Carter and Orem seemed beside themselves to have uncovered the m101-4 set in 1958, implying that they understood the previously cataloged Sporting News set to be m101-5. This is confusing, unless I'm just missing something.
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