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Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
Can't tell you how many times I am at a show and I find a card I'm am interested in and I can't even find the guy whose table it is because he's gabbing across the room. Happens all the time.
+1 I went to a Chantilly show a few months ago (my first show since the late 80's) and noticed the same thing. I had a few hundred earmarked to spend and did end up spending it. There were some dealers who had stuff I was interested in, but wouldn't even acknowledge me for some reason because they were bs'ing with other dealers. I ended up having some nice conversations with more attentive dealers and spent my money on their cards. I probably would've ended up buying some "over priced" cards with the dealer the OP is referring to if I had a similar conversation with him. For me, the personal attention/collecting conversations is the reason to go to and spend money at shows.
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