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He was a Hall Of Famer before he left St. Louis. No Peds, his body was breaking down before he left St. Louis the biggest issue being his chronic plantar fasciitis issues.

Probably the reason you are having trouble liking him is that Arte Moreno paid waaaaay to much for what Pujols had done, not what he was going to do. Overpaid for Josh Hamilton too.

He has averaged right around 98 Rbi and just under 30 home runs per season since joining the Angels, I am not sure I would call him "horrible". Is he worth the money the Angels paid him? nope.. But I would love to have a 30 hr/90+rbi bat in my Cardinals line up right now!

I watch as many Angels games as I can on and I don't see an awful player, I see an aging vet who is winding down his career.

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