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Default 1971 Orioles

I know I have some O's buttons, just not sure if I have an O's example similar to the Pirates example (I don't recall one). If I wasn't so disorganized and had all of my pins/buttons, etc. together I could let you know. I guess I'll be looking as I'm currently trying to organize. I really should scan or take pictures as I go...probably wont though.

So on the press pins do you have the tie clasp, cuff links, and I think there's a possible charm of the '71 teams?

The Pegan/Robinson poster is one of my favs. When I watch the '71 Series I look at so many chances the O's had to win the Series (let the ball go through Booooog!). See, if the O's would have won, you'd likely be collecting something completely different.

You have some awesome items; you really should display.
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