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Originally Posted by cfhofer View Post

Two fantastic pieces, congrats. Here is a great short story about Shevlin and Hinkey (from "Big Games" by Michael Bradley):

Back in the early 1900's Tom Shevlin was the best player in all of football. He was big, strong, fast (and extremely rich, even for Ivy League standards). He was also an arrogant brat. One day, he asked Mike Murphy, the longtime Yale trainer, how he compared to Frank Hinkey. Murphy admitted that Shevlin was faster and stronger than Hinkey. And since Shevlin outweighed Hinkey by nearly 50 lbs, he was certainly a more imposing physical specimen than the Yale legend. "Now tell me one more thing," Shevlin said to Murphy, no doubt impressed with the trainer's assessment, "How do I compare to Hinkey as a football player?"
Murphy smiled. "Do you really want me to tell the truth?"
"Sure thing"
"Well, then, Frank Hinkey makes you look like the change from a counterfeit nickel."

That is how good Hinkey was....
That's a great story! We ought to have an entire thread on Mr. Hinkey. By all accounts he was a holy terror on the field even though he only weighed something like 145 pounds when he got to Yale. Just being one of a handful of 4x all-americans in the history of college football tells you all you need to know about him.

Check out this story about his playing days and Yale's rivalry with Harvard.


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