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Default OT- what to do with your 1987 commons...

So last week i started making some room, putting about 1500 cards in a trash bag to toss out. I hate throwing out cards but i need room.

Rewind to last year for a minute, i had given my 6 year old son 200 cards to play with... he had no interest, cat chewed most up other crumbled, lol And the cards were tossed out in a few days.

Ok, back to last week, 1500 cards in a bag, my kid comes home for school, so before tossing them i ask, u want some cards, he says yes!

Ok great, how am i gonna get him interested and learning??

So i deside to ask him if he wants to " organize the cards" he was very excited!

We just made piles by team, and wraped each with rubber bands, he learned team names and loved it. Now every night he wants to keep "organizing the cards"

Good 1st step in teaching kids about cards ! Hope this helps anyone else with kids and some crappy 80's cards lol

I also took a few cards, rose, mcgwire, clemens, and reprinted babe ruths and put in top loders and told him these are the more special cards.
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Looking for T205's or anything Babe or PM me if you have any to sell.

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