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Default Dealers need to learn more about foreign cards

Had a great time at the National today and picked up a holy grail level item thanks to a board member- will post later. But as someone who collects Cuban and Puerto Rican cards I was struck by some of the crazy prices. For those who are not familiar there where cards put out in the late 1940’s in Puerto Rico called toleteros. They are great high quality cards and they are relatively scarce when you compare them to say late 1940’s Bowman’s. What they are not is a 500 per common card. A simple eBay search will show you that commons sell for 30-60 depending on condition. There was a card I needed but it was priced at literally 25x of what it’s worth. When there is that big of a disconnect there is really no room for a real negotiation. Dealers need to know that you cannot just label a $40 cuban issue with a sticker that says “negro leaguer” and then price it at 400. If that is done nothing moves. Bottom line when you are selling out of tour usual comfort zone please just do a little research.
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