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Default I guess we have a market decision on Ali's RC

A PSA 9 1960 Hemmetts went for $15,109.09. Only a handful of boxing cards I know of besides the 48 Leaf Graziano have sold for over $10,000, so this is a big deal.

There've been lots of debates, here and elsewhere, over what constitutes Ali's RC. I've always advocated for the Hemmetts card. I guess a few bidders were thinking the same thing.

Some other cards in the PWCC auction had interesting results:

1962 Rekord Clay PSA 8 $425
1951 Ringside
--Tunney PSA 7 $385
--Marciano PSA 7 $711
1958 leaf Louis PSA 6 $271
1926 Spalding Dempsey PSA 8 $282
--Wilson PSA 7 $305
--McAuliffe PSA 7 $135.50
--Hart PSA 8 $380
--Burns PSA 7 $135.50
--Burke PSA 8 $380
--Beecher PSA 8 $380
--Barry PSA 8 $271

Your thoughts?
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