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Default Picked up a T218 Blank Back - anyone have other T218 oddities?

T218's are one of the easiest tobacco sets to find. I've owned hundreds and am building a complete master set, but have hardly seen any scrap or oddities. The set certainly appears to have had tighter quality control or less cards that escaped from the factory in an unfinished state than other common issues.


I picked up this Handy last week (not a boxer, but there isn't a swimming card forum!), only the second blank back I have seen (Rector is the other). The card appears handcut and is the correct thickness.

An Abe Goodman with a bad scan that was purported to be printed on thick cardboard appeared on eBay over a decade ago. I've never seen a partially printed card or anything like that. Never even a miscut bad enough to tell what the adjacent card is. Anybody have any?
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