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Originally Posted by th38larg View Post
How do you guys store your stuff? With programs and schedules and postcards all being different sizes, I'm running out of convenient/organized ways to store them. Any suggestions or, better yet, examples?
Regarding sked storage, that's a question I've long struggled with as well.

Most of my vintage skeds are currently in (various sizes of) top loaders or CardSavers, then kept in boxes. So they don't see the light of day as often as I'd like. I'm trying to move some of my favorite categories of vintage skeds into albums in plastic sleeves so I can browse them more frequently, but I'm finding I'm not a huge fan of that look either.

The varied sizes of the skeds has definitely made it tough for me to come up with something that feels like a satisfying solution.

So I too would love to hear how others store their skeds and similar items!
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