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Default Bee Hives

No I do not think so.I have a local person that is offering me a bunch.About a 1,000 in total.So I guess I will be looking at them at some point.They are a bit hard to store and the market place for them is very small unless of course you happen to have some of the very rare ones and then most everyone knows what they are worth and it cost a lot to add them to your collection.I did pick up a bunch of Post Cereal cards from the early sixes.A fair bit of the short prints.Both baseball and football.
I do want to thank you for the heads up on the 1960 leaf cards.I am down to only needing 2 more to complete my set.It would be nice to put that one to bed.I am a bit surprised that with all the baseball collector here on this site that I have not been able to find anyone that has some to trade. I have a lot of trade for them and it is not like I am looking for mint cards.So I figured it would be a way for someone to part with their off grade cards so they can upgrade their set. But I will keep looking. Take care.
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