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Originally Posted by andypcl View Post
Hi Mike,

Check out this website:

Here's a FAQ from the site: "Are items in the Collection for sale?
No. Dr. Muchinsky directed that the Collection not be sold until his youngest grandchild reaches the age of 22, at which time it is to be auctioned though the most efficient means then available. Thus, the earliest date on which the Collection may be auctioned is October 2037. Prior to that date, discretion was extended to the Trustee to consider only the following offers: 1) those to purchase of all items of a particular sport; and 2) those to purchase of the entire Collection. The minimum sale prices were directed by Dr. Muchinsky and determined based on his assessment of what the Collection will be worth in 2037. He was optimistic about its future value, and as such did not expect any of the Collection to be sold prior to the date set for the auction. Neither does the Trustee.
Thank you Andy. I was not aware of this.
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