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Originally Posted by bn2cardz View Post
Obviously sidetracked, but the Leprechaun is fictional IRISH myth. If the Irish have a fictional character then it would make sense that it may look Irish.

I never said a Cubs fan would switch, again you are missing the logic of what I am stating. I said anyone that would be a fan, but can't bring themselves to be so under the current name/mascot may be pulling back a little from association. I don't believe (obviously no facts to back up) changing will harm their team loyalty, I only believe it could strengthen it by anyone currently offended.

Again, though, I am not going to be protesting it. I just don't see any reason for the resistance.

To add to the conversation I think it would be interesting to see them reclaim the Spiders name. There is already built in history with the name.
Well, not me, but some people get really creeped out by spiders. My mom really hates them.

Much to her credit, when I was little she taught me about spiders as part of nature. We had some pretty big yellow and black garden spiders, and we caught grasshoppers in the field next door and tossed them into the web to see what the spiders did. I was in Jr High before she let on how scared she is of them.

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