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Default 365 Days of Roberto Clemente

As a player collector, I have enjoyed seeing threads devoted to one person's passion for collecting a particular player, such as David W's Lou Brock collection. It surprises me that we don't see more threads like this, so I thought I'd start one on my favorite post-war player to collect.

Why Roberto? When I started collecting in the mid 1970s, I traded cards with other kids at school during recess. I remember a classmate bragging that he had a Roberto Clemente card, but I had no idea who he was. When my Dad came home from work that day, I asked him if Roberto was a good player. I remember him telling me how he was a great all-around player and that he died in a tragic plane crash. I tried several times to trade for that Clemente, but I was never able to pry it out of my classmate's hands. A few years later, at my first card show, my Dad bought me my first Clemente card (1968 Topps) along with a Mantle and Mays from the same year.

I didn't start seriously collecting RC until the early 90's. In the beginning I wasn't too concerned with condition and for the most part I'm still not. So you won't see any PSA 9's, but hopefully over the course of the next year you'll see some items that you haven't seen before. I will post things randomly to mix it up a bit and, for the most part, post items from his playing days, although there will be some newer items I like. Hope you enjoy.

Day 1

To start things off, on my birthday this year, my oldest daughter asked my neighbor (an amateur painter) to create this painting for me. I wanted to pick a symbolic photo of him so I picked Roberto tipping his cap after his 3,00th hit. I think the result is incredible especially since my neighbor said she doesn't really paint in detail. It's water color on artist's paper using only 4 pigments.

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