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Originally Posted by OsFan View Post
Agreed I love following DBesse27 Yaz thread. The Brock thread is great too. Personally Iíd like to see someone do a Brooks Robinson, maybe Mark70Z. I have the feeling he has a killer B. Robinson collection.

Definitely looking forward to following this Clemente thread.
Iím not the best person with the computer thing, and I donít have a scanner. My pictures that Iím posting currently are too small and I donít know what Iím doing wrong, but itís something. If I can get the picture thing better I can give it a shot at a Brooks thread, something like Brock, Yaz and thereís one on Mantle. Iím with the OP that I love threads like that no matter who the player is thatís posted. By the way I have a decent Brooks collection, but there are far better out there Iím sure. I donít think I can do one thatís everyday, but I sure look forward to the one on Clemente thatís for sure!
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