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Default Coke cap confusion?

Reviving this as I have picked up a few more and am now confused. I have re-read all the posts on my Need 1966 Coke All Star checklist but still am confused. I presume some checklists are either wrong or I don't understand,sorry.
The Coke NFL All Stars Saver sheet says 1965 and has, for example, C37 listed as Ryan. The two checklists I have list the 1965 Coke Caps All-Stars NFL C37 as Sonny Jurgensen. I understand CowboysGuide's "It's says "1965 NFL All Star Team affiliation shown on this sheet" because these are the All Stars from the previous season. The '66 All Stars were not on this sheet because the season had not been played yet. The '65 & '64 sheets have that notation for the previous season also." makes sense but then the two checklists I use are wrong, correct? They would also be wrong for all the NFL All Star teams? Does the hobby consider the 1966 Coke All Stars those that belong on the 1965 Coke Saver sheet?

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