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Default christies buried treasure thread

Originally Posted by btcarfagno View Post
I posted a thread in this section several days ago regarding a Ty Cobb photo in one of the lots that I won. The photo is very clear and almost certainly from the original negative. Only question to me is whether a type one or type two. If it turns out to be a type one (which I have a feeling that it is), I will be more than a little bit happy.

A Ty Cobb full size type one with full borders dated to 1907 by Cahrles Conlon? Yes please!

Was not photographed or even mentioned in the write up.

That's an interesting "Cobb" image. In my experience, the Spalding stamp usually means that the print was made in the 1920s. The image itself is the last photo pictured in the McCabe's classic "Baseball's Golden Age", showing Conlon's prints from original negatives. The photo is identified as a 1910 shot of Hack Simmons. Dennis Goldstein
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