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Finally picked up something baseball-related (last one was the painting in my avatar, I think) This is a large 1800's albumen photo of a baseball game at Wildwood Park, St. Paul, Minnesota. It has a linen backing rather than board.

Since I have already grabbed a posting spot, below it are a couple of 1967 Seattle concert posters - the raised paint on board type, that I found yesterday in an antique store. The first one is black light and was done by John Moehring who was well-known for that sort of thing. They were sort of important (1st Seattle Trips Festival), so these are images from the internet, not of my actual posters. They are both featured in a book about Seattle Concert posters from 1966-68 - knowing nothing about posters, I frantically researched them at the antique store, prior to purchasing....such moments would probably be a good thread topic. I can remember involving Leon in a tobacco tin call, Shelley regarding a rookie-era Ted Williams autograph, and another buddy got a call about an ambrotype of a ship captain. All moments of massive persperation.

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