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Hi Kevin,
There was no 1882 Providence score book in the big find. If you go back to my article in issue #5 of VCBC, I mentioned no books had been found from 1882 or 1887. The only year from Providence was 1883. So either you are mistaken or I am unaware of its existence.

Rob's point is interesting that some may or may not have been scored during the game. I always found the books to be incredibly neat and precise, so I simply guessed that Wright added these games to the season score books at his desk at a later time. But it is also possible that he was incredibly neat and precise by nature, and was able to deal with the rigors of managing a game and keeping score simultaneously.

And Rob. I once owned the entire 1883 season and had it in my collection for several years. When I see the sections broken up it just makes me sick. By the way, that was the only score book that had the Sage trade cards pasted in, but I believe 1883 was the year they were copyrighted, so no surprise.

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