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I researched the 1964 Coke football bottle caps extensively. Football Coke BottIe Caps on Facebook is probably one of the more knowledgeable people on this. He said there were at least three different coverings of the images (plastic ring, white foam and cork) and they were produced in at least three different places, two in Wisconsin and one someplace else. I determined that there is no connection between the Big Head and Small Head and the NFL All-Star and NFL National checklists. I thought at first the Big Head were for the NFL National checklist but then found Bill George as both a Small Head and a Big Head. Since he is not listed on the NFL National check list my theory was proven wrong. I have determined that, like other years, the Coke Saver Sheets were made up and then the Coke caps produced. The only thing this did was, for the collector who wants a “complete set of 1964 Coke football caps”, they have a very large collection to go for since there are at least three different coverings and they were produced in at least three different places and there are both Big and Small heads.
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