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Looks like you're using this as a BS line to expand your personal collection. I was the high bidder on a pair of 1931 Junior World Series tickets this morning and then the listing is canceled. I contact the seller to find out what the story is. This was what he told me:

"New message from: centscount (7,390Green Star)

A museum in St. Paul that is opening a baseball museum on Thursday requested the tickets for their exhibit.

Sorry about that.

Congrats on winning them do you want their info? I can ask them and maybe they can buy 1 piece from you?

Let me know it was just an honor to have an item from our store go to a museuam in the city where 1000s of people could enjoy them. Just honest.

Please advise. At your service.

That's is an absolutely dishonest and shady way to go about collecting.

Chris Sexton
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