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I am sure that DPeck and WrestlingCardKing will weigh in, but that Kajiwara Hogan card from Japan is one of the holy grails of wrestling cards. It is from 1981 (thus predating his Wrestling All Stars card). PSA has only graded four of the Hogan Kajiwara cards to date. It is a 17-card set and PSA has only graded 104 cards total. Andre the Giant also has a cool card in the set that shows him climbing over the top rope to enter the ring.

I was watching the auction on eBay. I thought things might get really crazy in the last two seconds because it is such a rare Hogan card and predates his Wrestling All Stars card. That auction had four bidders over $750 for a raw card, so wrestling collectors knew what they were looking at. The Kajiwara cards were packaged with action figures.

Here are a couple of threads that discuss the set:


PSA's population for the set:

More discussion of the set:

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