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Most of it has been said already in the thread. I own a PSA 8 and it is in my set of 1981 Popys. There is clearly demand for the card as more information about the card is now known. The fact that it is a short print from the set only adds to the intrigue in addition to the fact that you are potentially competing against another market (figure collectors). I would have predicted $1000 before the auction started regardless of the potential grade of the card. There was a part of me that wanted to bid between $800 to $1000 and have Hogan sign the card but i was on work travel and lost track of time with the auction close. While there are plenty of signed 1982 all stars, I think it would be super cool to own a signed Popy card. I do like the fact that a Japanese seller made the sale. I'm sure he will be utilizing all his resources to bring this card again to the market.
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