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Default Before I Take Too Long...

researching something that someone else on the site has already researched,

On BBR, who are the two most SIMILAR BATTERS of all-time?

I got interested in this when getting tired of Nick Markakis being touted as possible HOF material based on a hot first half to 2018.

His most similar was Cesar Cedeno @ (905.1)

Cedeno's is Amos Otis @ (938.3)

I assume that there have been comparison numbers higher than 938.3

SIMILAR BATTERS is calculated via an involved Bill James formula. I have posed the 'MOST SIMILAR' question to BBR...we will see if they respond.

Anyone on this site know the answer?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

p.s.- I also got tired of the Braves' announcers, slip carey specifically, going on and on about Markakis being such a good player for so long without ever having been an all-star until this year. They overlook that he plays a position, RF, which frequently is manned by team's best or certainly one of their best offensive players...and Markakis is only slightly above average over ALL positions.
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