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Default Dear Mr. Barker - E.C.Wharton-Tigar 1962 and on.....

Borrowed from the here is a short bio of EC Wharton-Tigar. Then there are some of his writings never previously seen. These first ones are to Buck Barker....enjoy

E C Wharton-Tigar (collector; British; Male; 1912 - 1995)


'Burning Bright, the autobiography of Edward Wharton-Tigar', with A.J.Wilson, London 1987


Mining engineer, SOE operative, director of the Selection Trust, and collector of trade cards, especially cigarette cards. Began collecting in 1920, and by his death had formed the world's greatest collection which he bequeathed to the BM. It is registered as a group under 2006,0201.1. He was the founder in 1938, and president of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, and his index system and the cards in his collection form the basis for the 'World Index of Tobacco Cards' in many printed volumes.

Leon Luckey
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