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Default I'm selling my Cardinal Collection of 35,000+ cards


After thinking about it off and on many times for the last several years, I have decided to sell my St. Louis Cardinals Master collection of over 35,000 different cards from 1939-2016. I have started this process on Ebay and here is a link for what is there at present:

I'm doing this full time and it will probably take over a year to sell it all.

Who am I? I bought my first pack in 1968 in St. Louis and have been collecting ever since. I bought cards from Larry Fritsch in the 1970s. I was one of the early members of the St. Louis Sports Collectors group that began in 1976, when I was 15 years old. I had the great fortune to know hobby legend Buck Barker. I had a column in Sports Collectors News in the mid 1970s called Randy's Ramblings. I was always fascinated with variations, and I have an acknowledgement in Ralph Nozaki's 1980 "The Mistake Manual" which was the first publication dedicated to variations. I also have acknowledgements in Becketts Alphabetical Checklist Guide from 1992 and 1994. I've done extensive work for the Cardinals themselves, on the All Time Roster, and was recognized in their 1999 Media Guide. I also had a hand in promoting Trevor Rosenthal as the 2000th Cardinal, the first 2000th player from ANY franchise, here is an interesting article about that:

I've also been on Ebay since 2000 with over 6800 transactions, and a Net 54 member since 2009, all though I've not posted much in recent years.

What I collected: Any and all Cardinals including but not limited to: Ad panels, Ad Sheets, Advisory Photos, Albums, Bread Labels, Buttons, Cards, Cereal boxes, Charms, Coins, Cups, Discs, Glove Tags, Inserts, Keychains, Magazine cards, Magnets, Mail-ins, Marbles, Medallions, Milk Cartons, Parallels, Pins, Postcards, Posters, Premiums, Promos, Redemptions, Reprints, Stamps, Variations, Wax Boxes, Wiffle Balls, Wrappers and more. I basically tried to collect every cataloged and uncataloged card from every player. I collected all inserts and parallels through 1997, every autographed card through 2000, and every basic team set through 2013. Oddball issues is a specialty.

What I don't have: Hunters and most Team Issues have been sold, no 1947 Sears postcards either. No 1955 stamps, no 1961 Dice, No 1967 Stand Ups, No 1968 plaks (have the checklist though), and I'm missing a few very rare issues.

If anyone is interested in a particular item and would like to see it on Ebay, or has any questions about my collection, email is my preferred choice of communication, but I will answer all Net 54 messages as well.

Thanks to Leon for allowing me this advertisement, and for any questions, post, message or email me.

Thanks for reading all this.

Additional Notes: 6-5-2017 I neglected to mention that this collection is 99% raw. I never got into graded cards. I'm an old school collector and most everything is exellent or better with some exceptions.


Randy Trierweiler

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