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Default Netflix Documentary "Sugar Coated"

I struggle with my weight bouncing between 185-205 I know this is not good for my health. If I gave up this fight, I probably would be 225+ pounds. Sometimes I can’t stop jamming crap down my throat, sweets are my downfall LOL. This year my annual physical revealed my glucose level is high which is of concern since my dad was a diabetic. I’m 63 years old and very active. I use a Fitbit tracker and get on my elliptical, and also walk to get my 15,000 steps most days.

On one of the podcasts I listen to, the host got diagnosed with diabetes. He totally gave up sugar, seems better health wise, and lost a ton of weight. It seems the only life style change he made was giving up sugar.

Then I watched the documentary “Sugar Coated” currently streaming on Netflix. Investigating the food industries use of sugar, comparing this to the lies the tobacco industry told us during the 60s.

So I tried “cold turkey” (same way I quit smoking in 1983 LOL) off sugar. I am watching my carb intake too as carbs break down into glucose (sugar) I think. I got below 200, then blew right through the 190s and this AM weighed 187. I have been doing this same thing (up and down weight gain/loss) for YEARS.

I remember the “fat-free” craze back in the day. I ate so many “snack-well” cookies lol. Atkins of course I had good results with that, but ended up right back where I was, eating all that bread I crave so much.

I’ve never really been much of a fast food eater. But I could put away a pint of Ben and Jerry's every night, maybe two a day lol. DQ Blizzards, Sonic Blasts, and I don’t ever get a small, it’s only a bit more $$$ for a large!

Have you seen this documentary?

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