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Originally Posted by JustinD View Post
Absolute nonsense.

"The market" is not "little johnny's grandma" who is sucker enough to think that a 96' with "rookie" printed on it is his rc for his Christmas stocking. The market should be knowledgeable collectors, not someone you are snowing for cash.

Your definition is right on, but in difference I like the XRC designation in most cases. I think if the player shows in his major league uni, it's a RC, games played or not. XRC would be shown in a minor league uni or other (high school, college, olympic, etc).

The McGwire was a bit of an aberration as to how that became the rookie. I don't have a clue how it broke the rules, but I think it was more so because there was not much of a previous example mainstream.
The XRC/olympic jersey issue also happened with Nomar Garciaparra (I am sure others but he came to mind). He is in the 1992 Topps Traded set in his USA Jersey, but that is considered his RC even though he didn't play in Majors until 1996. At best the 1992 card should have been an XRC based off the rules, but that didn't stop the market from deciding otherwise.

The problem that was caused by the 2006 rules is that people that weren't in the hobby prior to then, or those that didn't stay in modern are unable to reconcile the two hobby rules. Prior to 2006 it was purely based on the majority of the hobby, even if this was primarily dictated by Beckett and SCD, and Tuff Stuff. After 2006 the rules were dictated by MLB.
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