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Originally Posted by 1952boyntoncollector View Post
1 game to decide who gets in seems reasonable...but one game wild card is pretty cheezy...considering you also now have a sudden death the day or so basically would have to face your first divisional round of playoffs with your number 3 versus the other teams number 1...

should be a 3 game series the wild card

plus whoever wins the dodgers/rockies....will be in the world series.

Jake- First, to 'kinda' answer your draft position question, the slot would go to the higher winning percentage team regardless of total games played...however, the draft is such a crap-shoot anyway, one position probably won't make that big a difference...unless they pick THE right one or THE wrong one...ha-ha.

Making the Wild Card game a series would devalue the division championships, but, more importantly, it would extend the season into November...and only Derek Jeter would enjoy that.

I'm not so sure about the Dodgers/Rockies winner being in the World Series....least not as automatically as you imply. If the Cubs or the Brewers get hot, they could easily get there...oh, and the dark horse in the race...who nobody gives a, watch out for the 'Baby Braves'!

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