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Originally Posted by nat View Post
The Giants of the 20s and 30s were absurdly over represented in the hall of fame. The 1924 Giants had the following HOFers on the roster:

Highpockets Kelly
Frankie Frisch
Travis Jackson
Hack Wilson
Ross Youngs
Bill Terry
Freddie Linstrom

and they were managed by BOTH John McGraw and Hughie Jennings.

Looking up Giants WS games. Here's game 2 of 1923:

Dave Bancroft
Casey Stengel (!)
Babe Ruth
Herb Pennock

Okay, so no record there.

Bill James attributes Frankie Frisch's tenure on the Veterans Committee to the glut of Giants and Cardinals teammates who were elected. He was very loyal.

Need the following 1953 Topps #'s in EX/MT
72,81,88,95,242,243,245,248,251,252, 255,257,258,259,260,266,276,277,278, & 280
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