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Probably as many different answers as there are set collectors. I collect the sets I have the fondest memories of as a kid. Began with 1959 and am building around that. Currently working on 1962 and I'll attack 191 and 1963 one day and call it a day.

I don't concern myself with minor variations/small errors. For example, I'm not going to try for every green tint among the 1962 Topps, only the pose variations.

I don't have the 1959 Spahn DOB variations nor did I chase the other numerous 'transaction line' variation cards. I consider that set complete.

My general guideline is to put myself in my own nine-year-old shoes. The two '62 Wally Moon poses...I'd have wanted them both then so they are part of my current set. But the '58 yellow/white letter variations? I wouldn't have cared as a kid so I don't care now.

Having said that I do add 'type cards' to the back of my set binders which is where you'll find a couple of green tint '62s and a '58 Billy Pierce letter variation.

And finally, I won't begin any set I have no hope of completing. I do go after sub-sets though. I'd never dream of chasing the T206 but I did track down the Baltimore minor leaguers.
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